Atlanta Business Litigation Lawyers

Atlanta Business Litigation Lawyers


Atlanta Business Litigation Lawyers help businesses and their owners with legal issues that could affect them in the future. This might include a breach of contract, partnership dispute, or employment-related issue.

Our lawyers handle a variety of legal concerns including business formation, initial and ongoing financial planning, drafting contracts, business growth planning, and business dissolution.

Corporate Litigation

Whether you own a major corporation, are a member of the board of directors or a top-level executive officer, you may face complex legal issues. We are experienced in working with companies of all sizes and can help protect your interests in a business dispute.

Many business disputes involve disagreements between partners. Often, these disputes can be settled through mediation or arbitration, but if necessary, we are fully prepared to fight for your interests in court.

Contracts can make or break a business. Creating a solid contract requires the specialized expertise of a business lawyer. Generic contract templates that can be found online may leave holes that could be exploited and cause your company to lose money. A well-crafted contract by our Atlanta business litigation attorneys will cover all facets of your unique business relationship and ensure that you have the protections you need. We also offer services concerning breach of fiduciary duty and other commercial disputes.

Partnership Disputes

Humans inevitably come into conflict and business partners and shareholders are no exception. Many disputes can be resolved without legal intervention, but when the stalemate between the parties becomes serious enough to jeopardize the company’s future and assets, it is crucial that an experienced Georgia business attorney intervene.

Like any relationship, conflicts may arise between partners over finances, hiring, roles and other important matters. Our Atlanta partnership dispute lawyers can help to prevent conflict by drafting an agreement that clearly details dispute resolution. In the event of a dispute, we can also represent clients in mediation and litigation.

In some cases, one partner can commit acts of fraud or breach of fiduciary duty that directly harm the other partners and negatively impact the company’s profitability. This is considered a serious issue that may require court action to obtain restitution for damages. If these issues are not quickly resolved, the entire partnership may dissolve. Our Atlanta business dispute attorneys can assist with resolving these matters through negotiations, arbitration or a trial.

Contract Disputes

When your business is involved in a dispute with another company, an individual or the government, it’s time to call a Atlanta Business Litigation Attorney. Our team of lawyers will handle everything from ensuring your business complies with Georgia law to negotiating complex contracts. We can help with issues such as fraud, breach of contract, partnership disputes and employment litigation.

When a business partner violates their fiduciary duty by engaging in actions that benefit them at the expense of the business, our firm will pursue legal action against them to protect your business. We can also assist with drafting contracts that will prevent future problems, as well as enforce any existing contracts you have.

Almost all relationships in business involve some form of contract that regulates the rights and duties of each party. However, if these contracts are one-sided and unenforceable under Georgia law, they can cause serious financial harm to your business. A good Atlanta business lawyer can help you avoid such one-sided contracts by drafting an effective agreement.

Employment Disputes

Our Atlanta business litigation lawyers can assist with employment-related issues that affect a company, including retaliation, sexual harassment, wage and hour fraud, discrimination, and wrongful termination. We help clients negotiate severance agreements and enforce their rights under state and federal employment laws.

We also represent plaintiffs and defendants in cases involving business torts. These include suits brought by competitors, partners, members of LLCs, employees, and minority shareholders alleging misappropriation of trade secrets, breach of fiduciary duty, tortious interference with business relationships, fraudulent transfers, and other similar acts.

The McCabe Law Firm represents large and small businesses in a wide range of complex business disputes, from the acquisition or sale of a business to complex litigation against a major corporation. Our firm focuses on providing sound legal advice to prevent or resolve dispute before it escalates to expensive litigation. We also advise on corporate governance, financial accounting issues, copyright infringement and other intellectual property matters. The firm’s attorneys are experienced trial lawyers.


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