Criminal Cases in Montreal

Criminal Cases in Montreal


The Superior Court has jurisdiction over all civil claims and family law matters, as well as criminal cases in Montreal. It can hear either summary offences (with a maximum of six months in jail) or indictable offences that may result in a life sentence.

A conviction for a criminal offence can impact a person’s ability to obtain employment, find housing or bond. It can also make it difficult to enter the United States and other countries.

1. Hugues Leblanc

Hugues Leblanc, a renowned logician and philosopher, died this week. He was born in Sainte-Marie de Beauce near Quebec City, Canada on 19 March 1924. He grew up in St-Hyacinthe and graduated from the University of Montreal with an MA degree.

He taught at the University of Montreal and wrote many books including Logic and Philosophical Problems. He also taught at Harvard. Leblanc was well known for his work on fractals and graphical models. He was a member of the International Logicians’ Union. His death was a shock to the academic world.

2. Jonathan Plouffe

Criminal lawyers defend clients accused of crimes ranging from domestic violence and sex crimes to theft, fraud, and DUI. They also handle civil cases, including libel, slander and defamation.

The Superior Court judges civil claims that involve sums of money greater than $15,000 and decides family law matters (including divorce) and class actions. It also hears appeals and judicial review applications from lower courts and tribunals.

Municipal courts process statements of offence against Montreal residents, deciding whether to issue fines for parking and traffic violations, pet behaviour, or non-compliance with municipal regulations (cleanliness, waste collection). They also rule on criminal and penal offences.

3. Allen Mapfumo

Thomas Mapfumo was the embodiment of a tumultuous history, one that unfolded in a head-on collision of Western ambition and African culture. More than a musician or a pop icon, his work was a tapestry of civil trauma, gnarled with imperfections but gilded with genius.

In the ’70s, when Zimbabweans were rebelling against their white minority government, Mapfumo propelled their cause through his cultivation of chimurenga songs—a style of politically charged popular music that fused Western pop with traditional African rhythms. He continued writing and performing these songs into the 1980s with his band Blacks Unlimited.

On Friday, Montreal North resident Kevin Turpin was charged with murder in Mapfumo’s death. He appeared by video conference at the Riviere-des-Prairies detention centre.

4. Mehdi Douraid

While SPVM investigators work to determine why Mehdi Douraid was coldly shot in the middle of the street on Thursday night, in the east end of the city, his family still can’t understand what could have led to his murder. La Presse talks to them about the man they loved.

In civil proceedings, it is up to the judge to assess the circumstances and deliver a verdict on whether or not someone is guilty of the crime alleged. Criminal trials are based on the premise that one must be proven guilty “beyond reasonable doubt”.

The Court of Appeal hears appeals from decisions of lower courts and tribunals. It can also decide controversial questions of law, known as a reference.

5. Cynthia Landry

Cynthia Landry is a nurse practitioner at The Gastro Clinic in Lafayette. She has also worked in various medical facilities throughout the area and enjoys researching “impossible to solve” cases. She is also a real estate investor and renovator.

The Superior Court has jurisdiction over all civil matters unless they are assigned to another court or tribunal. It also hears appeals and judicial review applications of decisions of lower courts or administrative tribunals.

It is a constitutional court, the highest in Canada. Its judges rule on the constitutionality of laws passed by the provincial legislature and federal parliament. They also decide on applications for judicial authorization in the course of investigations (e.g. search warrants).

6. Stephane Dupuis

Stephane Dupuis is a Managing Director with Teneo and leads the firms government affairs and strategic communications segments across Europe. He is primarily focused on strengthening the firm’s public policy positions in the fields of economic sovereignty and competitiveness, and industrial and green policies.

The municipal court hears statements of offence related to parking and traffic violations, animal control, and non-compliance with city regulations (cleanliness, waste collection, urban planning). It also hears criminal cases where Montreal residents are fined for breaking municipal laws. Its judges are able to decide injunctions, class actions and anything that the Code of Civil Procedure qualifies as an extraordinary recourse.


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