HDFC Securities “HDFC SKY” Discount Broking App: Company’s Possible Business Strategy Behind It

HDFC Securities “HDFC SKY” Discount Broking App: Company’s Possible Business Strategy Behind It


In the ongoing race of the trade market, HDFC Securities marked its entry by launching the discount broking all-in-one mobile app HDFC SKY  in  September 2023.  HDFC Securities Limited provides seamless online trading for stocks and commodities with an inclusive portfolio.  HDFC aims to target a precisely different target market of investors and investors. Some of its leading competitors are Groww, Upstox, and Zerodha. 

One of the remarkable steps by HDFC securities is to expand the user base by targeting the financial market. 

HDFC Sky – A Discount Trading App! 

HDFC Sky launched as a single broking platform to let users invest or trade over a wide alternative of Indian stocks, ETFs, futures and options, mutual funds, currencies, commodities, IPOs, and worldwide equities. Using this app, investors will be charged one price slab of Rs 20/- for intraday and delivery investors, a multilateral trading facility (MTF) at 12%, and zero charges for account opening & maintenance for the first year. 

HDFC Securities shared a statement that states “The main purpose of the platform is to simplify the complex world of investing, especially when investors face countless options available in the market. The all-in-one app with a user-friendly interface will help investors and traders break free from all the confusion related to their investments.”

HDFC Sky is open to all investors, while HDFC Securities are only restricted to bank customers. It expands the horizon to increase connectivity with more traders and investors. 

Business Strategies Followed By HDFC Securities

Wide Investment Option for Users!

As per the official site of HDFC Sky, users can invest in more than 3,500 listed companies, 100+ ETFs, 2000+ mutual funds, and 500+ overseas companies. With a diversified investment basket of US Securities, ETFs, Indian Equities, Mutual Funds, and fixed-income instruments, investors can easily diversify their investment portfolio. 

For investing in Mutual funds, the HDFC Sky app enables users to automate their SIPs and access New Fund Offerings. It also allows users to navigate through the investment of cash, currencies, commodities and derivatives. Using the platform, investors can do market in-depth analysis and portfolio tracking. 

Segment Market 

Initially, HDFC securities had a comprehensive trade market for bank customers. With the launch of HDFC Sky, the company is stepping ahead to grow in the finance industry targeting investors & traders. It also affects the HDFC Securities share price, currently traded at Rs. 11770 per equity share. 

The launch of the HDFC Sky app opens a new avenue for companies to leverage in the market. Building a single fintech platform is expected to come out as an effective move towards HDFC Securities revenue. Although there are competitors available like Zerodha & Groww still there are no entry barriers for HDFC Sky. The segment has more potential to attract users with active & passive investors. 

Flat Pricing Model

HDFC Sky launched with flat pricing to attract more investors. The brokerage charges are kept lower to help investors gain maximum profit. 

  • For equity in delivery & intraday, Rs 20 or 0.1% (whichever is lower).
  • In the case of commodity, currency, & derivative investment, Rs 20 or 0.1% (whichever is lower) for futures, and Rs 20 per order for options.
  • For US Stocks, the charges are 5 cents per share.
  • For ETF Intraday & delivery Rs 20 or 0.1%. (whichever is lower)
  • The interest rate on MTF products and margins against collateral for derivatives is 12%.

Furthermore, payment gateway charges for UPI are free, in the case of net banking bank charges will be applicable. New users can create accounts with HDFC Sky without any charges. 

HDFC Securities keeps the market research upfront to gain an enlarged user base. A flat pricing model will derive an advantage in entering the tough market with adjacent competitors. 

Smart Features To Look Upon In HDFC Sky!

HDFC Securities Limited emphasises developing HDFC Sky with top features to enhance users’ experience, such as smart dashboards for a comprehensive outlook of investments, a portfolio basket to track profit and loss, and trading with zero downtime. Additionally, the platform provides a KART feature that allows users to invest in a group of stocks or trade at multiple orders in one go. 

HDFC Sky – A Glimpse! 

Newly launched app – HDFC Sky simplifies investment for users with diverse offerings of multiple asset classes, a dedicated mutual fund ecosystem, free in-house research, seamless UI/UX navigation, and a personalised wishlist. Looking down at the rapid growth in the trading market, HDFC Securities will get an edge to scale up the revenue. HDFC Sky had more than 5,00,000 downloads since the September launch. If you find HDFC Securities Limited, a reliable company to invest in, you can explore online trading platforms


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