How Many Times Can You Raise A Car Insurance Claim In A Year?

How Many Times Can You Raise A Car Insurance Claim In A Year?


One of the biggest purchases someone can make is a car. Considering how much it costs, it only makes sense to insure your vehicle. Not to mention, purchasing a third-party car insurance policy is mandated by law for owners of motor vehicles. A hefty fine for driving without car insurance is just one of the many financial risks of not having one.

Types Of Car Insurance Policies

Car insurance policies come in various forms. The mandatory third-party liability policy provides limited coverage at lower premiums. Alternatively, comprehensive plans cover damages to your vehicle and third-party benefits, albeit at higher rates. Pay-as-you-drive policies suit infrequent drivers, compromising reasonable premiums and adequate coverage. Stand-alone, own-damage policies can enhance coverage for those with long-term third-party liability coverage. Claims are subject to terms and conditions set forth under the motor insurance policy. ## *

Frequency Of Claims In A Year

There is no specific limit on how many times you can claim car insurance in a year however, while no defined number of claims is allowed, making frequent claims can have consequences. Each claim may result in the loss of a no-claims bonus, potentially leading to increased policy premiums upon car insurance policy renewal. Claims are subject to terms and conditions set forth under the motor insurance policy. *

Impact Of Multiple Claims

  • Zero Depreciation Limitation: Filing multiple claims under a zero-depreciation add-on may have a cap on the claimed amount. Exceeding this limit requires covering depreciation costs out of pocket for subsequent claims.
  • NCB Loss: Regularly filing claims jeopardises the No Claim Bonus (NCB), a reward for not making claims during the policy term. Frequent claims could lead to the forfeiture of NCB benefits, impacting premium costs. Claims are subject to terms and conditions set forth under the motor insurance policy.*
  • Premium Hike: Making numerous claims in a year may make you appear high-risk to insurance companies. This perception can result in higher premiums during policy renewals.
  • Deductible Payments:Car insurance policies include a mandatory deductible policyholders must pay when filing a claim. Awareness of the deductible is crucial to understanding the out-of-pocket expenses associated with a claim.

Is Filing Modest Claims Reasonable?

Deciding whether to file a small-amount car insurance claim depends on several factors. Consider the deductible amount, potential loss of NCB, and the cost of repairs. If the repair cost is close to or slightly exceeds the deductible, paying out of pocket may be a more sensible choice, especially considering the long-term impact on savings. #

While there’s no strict limit on the number of claims, weighing the consequences of filing multiple claims in a year is essential. The nature and severity of the claims can influence your car insurance policy. Carefully assess the impact on zero depreciation benefits, NCB, potential premium hikes, and deductible payments. Additionally, considering the claim amount before filing ensures that you make the most informed decision to maximise the benefits of your car insurance policy.

Responsible and strategic use of Bajaj Allianz car insurance online, avoiding unnecessary claims for minor damages, and understanding the implications of multiple claims contribute to a more informed and cost-effective approach to vehicle coverage.

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