How to Protect Yourself from ATM Machine Skimming?

How to Protect Yourself from ATM Machine Skimming?


It would help if you remembered that an ATM skimming is the process that will affect your bank balance and ability to trust these machines again. Generally, skimming requires a placed device on the face of a machine, which seems like a part of it.

Keep in mind that it is challenging for most people to determine the differences between regular and irregular ATM unless they have prior experience. As soon as criminals plant the skimming device, it gathers the account data from every single swiped card.

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Finally, they will be able to take the device and retrieve data so that they can put it on blank cards and empty the balances. Remember that in most cases, criminals will hide the small camera next to a machine with an idea to determine your personal identification number or PIN.

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That way, they will be able to access your account without any additional hassle and rob you of everything you have.

Why Does It Happen?


Compared with other crimes within the financial sector, skimming is one of the most challenging to fight against. Numerous manufacturers have lost billions of dollars on an annual basis due to credit card frauds and crimes directly associated with automated teller machines.

At the same time, losses continue to grow, which is a problem that affects the entire world. Numerous massive data breaches happened in the last few years and boosted the processes that come with an ATM fraud.

Therefore, when criminals decide to hack databases that feature debit and credit card numbers, they can use the information to take the cash out of your account with ease.

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They have to hack inside the database to compromise both pins and cards. At the same time, they use the hardware device we have mentioned above to place it on a machine, which will gather the data of everyone using.

As soon as they compromise your data, they will turn it into cash as soon as possible. Click here to learn about the most common ATM issues.

Different Types of ATM Skimming

We can differentiate two types of skimming scenarios depending on numerous factors. The first one uses the hardware device we have mentioned above, named a skimmer, which is something you place on the face of a functional machine.

As soon as someone swipes or uses the card, the device will record the data, while the camera will detect the personal identification number. Afterward, they will take the money out of the victim’s account using the data they gathered.

On the other hand, they can rig an ATM to record data in a particular public area. Remember that these machines do not dispense cash because they are semi-operational. You will try to use it, but it will not function, and as a result, they will steal your data.

Criminals are using various devices for these purposes, including:

  • Hidden Cameras – Cameras tend to be almost invisible and placed next to an ATM to capture your PIN while you are typing it.
  • Card Reader Overlays – We are talking about plastic devices that will fit the slot you are using the insert or swipe your card. The main goal of these devices is to steal and keep the card data as soon as you place it inside.
  • PIN-Capture Overlays – They can also use fake keypad fits over the real one, which will capture the PIN. That way, they will know how to access your bank balance.
  • ATM Faceplates – Finally, these overlays are impossible to detect without experience. They tend to fit over the entire ATM faceplate and can feature all other devices we have mentioned above, including hidden cameras and keypad overlays.

Best Ways to Protect Yourself

  • Cover The Keypad While Entering PIN – If you wish to reduce the chances of someone checking and entering your bank account, you should cover the keypad with the other hand so that you can prevent anyone from seeing your identification number.
  • Check Your Credit Card Statements – If someone gets your info or if something happens that could affect your safety, you should contact the bank to conduct security measures that will prevent the others from accessing your account.


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