Keys to Avoid Fake Appliance Repair Services

Keys to Avoid Fake Appliance Repair Services


In times of crisis, fake appliance repair services proliferate. Given the difficulty of distinguishing these frauds from the officers, at ServiceTree App we spoke providing all types of appliance services from home.we advise you on how to act to avoid home appliance fraud with different types of problems, for more you can install our App ServiceTree from Google Play Store.

The exponential increase in illegal technical assistance for the repair of household appliances can have disastrous consequences for consumers’ pockets. Under the guise of official services, even using the logos of some well-known brand, they try to deceive a consumer who can see how these “technicians” charge up to three times the actual budget, work without an invoice denying them the guarantee or even disappear without leave a trace after having demanded an advance payment.

In many cases, in addition, they do not have the necessary training to carry out these repairs and the remedy ends up being worse than the disease.

  • Find information about the technical service on the brand’s website or in your customer service phone number. Sometimes manufacturers place an adhesive on the device itself in which a contact number appears.
  • Look at, the association’s website, where a section with official technical services has been prepared and data is provided to contact them directly.
  • Be wary of assistance that is presented as official technical services but does not offer complete data, just a contact telephone number.
  • Suspect those repairs that do not offer an initial budget after having knowledge of the fault that the appliance presents. By law it is illegal to make a repair without first providing the consumer with an estimate of what it will cost.
  • Demand from the expert who has come to your home the ANFEL card, a documentation with the technician’s data that accredits you as an official repair service worker.
  • Go to the store where the appliance was purchased so that they are the ones who provide the contact with the official technical assistance of the brand.
  • Demand an invoice, as a repair brings a guarantee and without it would be impossible to certify or claim anything.

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