Mistakes to avoid while putting money in mutual funds

Mistakes to avoid while putting money in mutual funds


Mutual funds are one of the most important tools of investment. There is a high demand for the same in the market as well. This is because mutual funds generate higher returns than any fixed income. In the case of mutual funds, you are free to choose the kind of return you want, depending upon the risk appetite, time period, performance history, etc. However, you must have an idea of how to invest in mutual funds correctly, whether you are just starting out or not, because people often make a few mistakes while putting in their money. Here are a few mistakes that you can avoid while investing-

  • Unclear goals- Don’t go for investing unless you have a clear idea of what you want from it. It can be to either save taxes or fulfil along term wish. Investing is a long road journey and is dependent on various factors. Before making the investment, make sure you set a financial goal and consider the risks associated with the mutual fund scheme.
  • No budget- Before you choose the scheme, always ask this question yourself- will you be able to fund your investment every time. Emergencies are uncertain, and you may have to spend your savings. Take a deep breath and think about whether your monthly income is enough to invest. In addition to that, it also depends upon your spending habits.
  • Risk profile- There is no doubt that mutual fund plans come with risks. You just need to know what risk you are willing to take. If you want to generate great returns from your mutual fund investment, you must have a clear understanding of the risks involved in it. If your risk appetite is low, you should not invest in equity funds as they are extremely volatile. On the other hand, you can consider investing in debt funds; however, you will receive lower returns but are a stable instrument.
  • Over diversification of profile- Do not make the mistake of investing in too many funds at a time just for the sake of having a diversified portfolio. It increases the chances of having underperforming funds in your portfolio, which can have a negative impact on the same. Every fund that you invest in is made to diversify the risk. Thus you should divide your funds accordingly and put them in a few selective schemes only.
  • Short period investment- Mutual fund investments are supposed to be a long term investment unless you are specifically looking for something short term. It is always a better idea to invest in a scheme that goes on for a longer period of time. The formula of compounding works magically when it comes to a long term investment and offers the investor higher returns. For example, equity mutual fund plans are considered one of the best for long term investments and demand a minimum of five years to provide you with the maximum benefits.


It is okay to make mistakes in the beginning. However, making mistakes in the field of investment can cost you your hard-earned money, so it’s advised to talk to experts before investing in any scheme. We hope you do not end up making any mistakes and enjoy your investment journey smoothly.


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