Simple Ways to Improve the Mental Health of Your Staff

Simple Ways to Improve the Mental Health of Your Staff


These days people are aware of the importance of both mental and physical wellbeing. The stigma that used to be attached to mental health problems such as depression and anxiety is slowly but surely dissipating. In fact, employers now know the importance of supporting a healthy and positive work environment for the physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing of their staff. But how can this be done? If you are an employer, what steps could you take to boost employee wellbeing?

Tackling Work Related Mental Stress

It is vital that employers promote a healthy and positive workplace. There should be policies in place that encourage staff to talk to their supervisors about any issues that are affecting their mental and emotional health.

It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that staff are handling reasonable workloads and working to realistic targets. The experts at Horizon Health, a behavior health management company, say that assigning a specific person that employees can reach out to is particularly important. They say that some businesses benefit from working with behavioral health management companies who provide support and information about how to effectively help employees with work related stress and other mental health problems.

Create a Positive Environment

Employees work more productively and are happier when the environment they are in is a positive one. Employers can cultivate a positive work environment by encouraging communication and collaboration and working on developing a strong team ethic. This might be in the form of celebrating team success, conducting team bonding events, or rewarding employees for their hard work. Hold regular team meetings and encourage staff to discuss their issues without fear of repercussion.

Discuss Mental Health in Work

Being open about the importance of mental and emotional wellbeing is something that employers should do. Offer some sort of training and education on the symptoms associated with mental and behavioral health issues, and make sure that staff are aware of the support that is available should they need to access it.

Promote Positive Work/Life Balance

Encouraging staff to have a healthy work life balance will benefit your organization. Allowing staff to work flexible hours to also focus on homelife will ensure they are healthier, happier, and more productive. Make sure that your employees are taking adequate lunch breaks and that they are working sensible hours. Having a healthy work/life balance can often be enough to prevent various mental health problems associated with work stressors.

Introduce Exercise Programs in Work

We all know that exercise has a positive impact on mental health. As an employer, you will benefit from getting your staff moving. But how can you do this? It might mean working with a personal trainer who will come and give classes to your staff at the start of the working day or during lunch. Or you could introduce an incentive where staff get a discounted membership to a local gym. You will probably find that the gym will be willing to work with you to offer discounts to your staff for referrals.


There are lots of things that business owners can do to minimize stress and work and encourage a positive working environment. Doing this will ensure that staff are happier and healthier, which will result in fewer mental health issues and sick days that might occur as a consequence.

As well as introducing schemes to help prevent mental health problems, you should make sure that staff who do experience such problems have support in dealing with any symptoms they may have. Working with a behavioral health management company can help you to create a positive work environment.

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