TOP 10 Free Games for IOS

TOP 10 Free Games for IOS


There are tens of thousands of games and applications on the App Store. Looking for good fun in the iOS app store is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. The purpose of this top 50 iPhone and iPad games is precisely to guide you to what we consider to be the best titles available on iOS. The cream of the mobile gaming world is here.

We’ve updated our selection of iPhone and iPad games not to be missed on the App Store. They are categorized and presented for the most part with a video, starting of course with the most beautiful and addictive… which will find with the new iPhone SE, iPhone 11, iPad Pro and other upcoming iOS devices, ideal support in terms of power. In this selection, there are in any case some of all kinds and for all budgets. In addition to this ranking, don’t hesitate to find our other game selections at the end of the article.

1) Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour was released in 2019 on after long months of testing. It is possibly the most anticipated Nintendo mobile game in Japanese history, ahead of Super Mario Run. And the result is up to expectations, with a quality game with ergonomics adapted to smartphones. A multiplayer mode is to measure yourself against your friends or other online competitors. If only one iPhone or iOS game were to be selected, it would be this one.

2) Super Mario Run

Released at the end of 2016, criticized for certain aspects (compulsory connection, price), the game will certainly please those who like to take the time to go and get all the pieces of a level, then start again with the following details, even more, challenging to find, this for the numerous levels proposed. The others will quickly get the hang of it and may deplore the “automatic” movement of Mario, but it’s for the right cause: to allow you to play with one hand. It is retained for its graphical qualities and its beautiful replayability!

3)Pokémon Go

This title by Niantic has revolutionized mobile gaming. It’s all about playing as a Pokémon trainer, in charge of discovering as many Pokémon as possible and making them evolve. The idea is that to hunt for Pokémon, and you have to walk, visit the places around you, capture key points, etc. And even if you can’t move around too much, there are plenty of challenges to keep you on your toes. Pokémon GO has been an unprecedented success, and it would be a mistake to miss out on the experience that Niantic offers here.

4) Fortnite

Full port of the PC game that was a hit, especially on Twitch. This is the “Battle Royale” genre in which you have to survive as long as possible on a limited area full of ammunition and hidden weapons. On iOS, after the Pokémon Go phenomenon in 2016, here is the Fortnite tidal wave in 2018.

5) PUBG Mobile

With Fortnite, here is the other great reference of the “arena survival” genre on PC and mobile since this year. Compatible with MFi controllers, the game shines with its gameplay, a little more severe than Fortnite, and its top-level achievement!

6) Fallout Shelter

In this post-apocalyptic management game, you will have to take care of your survivors who are locked in a bomb shelter. Building new rooms, unlocking new technologies, exploring the outdoors and keeping the survivors happy: these are the player’s various missions for this title, which is part of the App Store’s selection of the best games of 2015.

7) Crossy Road

This is a simple, well done, fun and entertaining game. You have to make a small animal crossroads and rivers by small jumps. As long as you don’t lose, you keep going, reaching the best possible score. The graphics all in pixels participate to the cute side of this delightful game.

8) Lara Croft Go

Ms Croft is back for this iOS platform game (tested here) in which you have to cross each board with agility and intelligence.

9) Monument Valley

Since its release in 2014, this game has reaped the rewards. Each level is a puzzle to solve, but each story is also a picture and a visual slap. Since then, the developers also had an excellent idea to add new levels, and even develop a sequel, also critically acclaimed, it’s Monument Valley 2, tested in our columns.

10) Clash Royale

The developers of the very famous Clash of Clans struck hard in early 2016, with the launch of Clash Royale. Same universe, but an even more competitive and fast approach. We note the appearance of the deck of cards to be prepared before a game, but also the presence of different types of units and spells to be cast. A must-have, necessarily, free and available on iPhone & iPad. The game remains one of the most downloaded games of the year, with a too-long lifespan.


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