Top banking stocks for long term investing prospects

Top banking stocks for long term investing prospects


If you were to look at the stocks listed on the Indian stock exchange, you would find something really interesting. Both on the BSE and NSE, banking and financial services have almost all major banks among top performers and actively traded stocks. Alongside a few other industries, the banking industry is lasting and stable, for various economic and political reasons. For economies like India, having a stable banking infrastructure is critical for its function and operation. Thus, making them an alluring and attractive investment segment for long-term investment goals. Though it has its own set of nuances, banking and financial institutional stocks are often critical for a diverse portfolio.

Whether you are a seasoned investor or an individual starting their stock market journey, it is worth taking note of these banking stocks.

1. HDFC Bank

Leading the list is one of the most popular consumer banks in India, HDFC Bank. Operating in both retail and commercial banking, with a huge personal banking consumer base, HDFC shows great returns. Attributed to the strong financial performance and expansion of the bank over the last years, investors find it a great stock to invest in. Analysing the market trends and trading patterns of the stock also presents a similar outlook. Hence, making it stand out as a popular choice among long-term investors.

2. State Bank of India

From being among the first few public banks in India to becoming the largest public bank in the country, SBI holds a strategic position. With physical assets and presence all over the country and spanning across various markets, the State Bank of India is an important institute in the financial sector. With recent initiatives to improve the bank’s digital footprint and expand service offerings, the odds seem to be in its favour. Based on expert analysis, SBI Share price is likely to rise and provide greater returns for long-term investors.

3. IDFC First Bank

Though one of the more recent and newer banks in the landscape, IDFC First is already turning tables and gaining a sizable audience. Recognized for its modern products and digital banking services, the bank shows great potential for growth and big returns for investors in the near future. If you are willing to bet on it, pay close attention to this new player.

4. Canara Bank

Though it founded its roots and operated in the southern states for a long time, Canara Bank has expanded globally. Alongside its vast national network, the bank also has a presence offshore. Being a public bank it offers the stability and backing investors look for. And transformations and improvements in its banking services, it has strong financials too. You better add canara bank share price to your watchlist, if you don’t want to lose the opportunity.

While investments in stock markets are subject to numerous factors and trading objectives, the principles remain the same. Investing in banking stocks can offer investors the chance to leverage the stability of the sector. And, at the same time, diverse their portfolios into different segments. Depending on your risk profile, investment strategies and market outlook, you can pick the stocks that suit the best to your needs.


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