5 Essential Aspects You Can’t Ignore While Buying Critical Illness Insurance Plan

5 Essential Aspects You Can’t Ignore While Buying Critical Illness Insurance Plan


Critical illness is an acute health disorder that requires long-term medical treatment. It includes life-threatening diseases such as stroke, heart disease, kidney failure, cancer, etc. Since medical illnessescan strike at any time, therefore it is always better to pre-plan everything. Get yourself a critical illness insurance cover so that you and your family don’t have to suffer the consequences.

Many people avoid critical illness insurance plans because of inaccurate assumptions and wrong information. Thus, it is advisable to get in touch with an expert of Niva Bupa and understand the plans and policies well. Investing in a critical illness insurance plan will help you manage all your treatment expenses for any prolonged disease in an informed manner.

If you’re planning to buy a critical illness insurance policy, you must go through this article first. Read through to know the five essential aspects that one cannot ignore about critical illness insurance. Let’s dig in.

Important Aspects You Can’t Ignore Before Buying Critical Illness Insurance

One can buy a critical illness plan at any age. In fact, it’s a must for those with an adverse medical history as they are more susceptible to medical illnesses. Ensure that you buy your policy from the best health insurance company in India. A critical illness plan takes good care of your financial expenses in case of medical exigencies.

Since the medical expenses of treating an acute disease can be exorbitant, insurance can give you a sense of relief. A critical illness cover will add an extra layer to your health insurance policy that will provide you with financial assistance. Let’s look at what you need to know before buying critical illness insurance.

1. Know the Diseases Covered by the Critical Illness Insurance Plan

While some companies offer coverage towards more than 35 critical illnesses, some only cover 5-6 diseases. Thus, you need to go through the policy and take note of the illnesses covered by your insurance company.

2. Know When to Claim Critical Illness Insurance

Before filing a claim, you must know well in advance all the formalities and documents that would be needed. You must know that the policy will never cover any signs and symptoms of your condition.

3. Check Whether it Has Tax Benefits

Check whether your premium amount is tax-deductible or not. Most insurance companies offer tax benefits under section 80C of the Income Tax Act. If you take insurance from Niva Bupa health insurance company, it will let you leverage tax benefits for critical illness insurance.

4. Learn About the Waiting Period for Receiving the Assured Amount

The waiting period to claim your assured medical expenses will vary from insurer to insurer. So let us take a look at the criteria of the waiting period.

  • Initial Waiting Period: The claim will only be accepted if your illness is diagnosed within 90 days from the date of the policy issued.
  • Survival Period: You need to survive for 28 days post-diagnosis of your critical ailment.
  • Waiting Period Between Claims: Making multiple claims will make you wait for a specific time for receiving the total amount.

5. Know Where to Buy Critical Insurance

Critical illnesses are quite common nowadays. So make sure you make a wise decision and we’d suggest you to go with Niva Bupa health insurance.

Their critical illness insurance plan covers up to 20 major critical illnesses. Unlike other insurance plans, you will get a cover of up to Rs.2 crores. Equipped with features like long-term discounts and tax benefit options, the policy is worth investing in.


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