5 Reasons to Avail Personal Loan

5 Reasons to Avail Personal Loan


A personal loan is a very handy financial tool that offers instant funds when you urgently need them. Personal loans are very easily available these days and you can get them instantly, provided you have a good credit score. There are many trustworthy banks and NBFCs who offer instant personal loans with the click of a few buttons.

Take a look at this article to know why you may need a personal loan and how to get it effectively:

  1. For urgent medical needs – You may need a personal loan urgently if there is a sudden medical emergency in the family. This can be due to an illness, accident or any other unforeseen reason. Though it is advisable for everyone to have a contingency fund, it is not possible for everyone to have one. If you do not have such a fund and you need to pay the hospital bills, you can apply for an instant personal loan. The loan will reach you instantly and you can take care of the medical emergency with ease. This is one of the main and very valid reasons why people opt for personal loans.
  2. To pay for a personal milestone – An individual has many important milestones in his or her life. These include their marriage, setting up a business, paying for their kid’s wedding, etc. Everyone wants to spend lavishly on these milestones. So if you have your own wedding coming up and the funds fall short, you can easily take a personal loan and pay for a memorable marriage ceremony. Similarly, if you are paying for the wedding of your child or sibling, then you can opt for a personal loan. You can take an instant online personal loan from Navi for up to INR 5 lakhs and repay it comfortably through easy EMI schemes.
  3. To travel – You surely work very hard and taking some time to go on vacation may do you a world of good. However, the lack of funds may hold you back. Do not get disheartened – just opt for a personal loan and you will have all the funds you need to go on a refreshing vacation. You may travel solo, with your family or even go on your honeymoon. People frequently avail loan to travel and this is another common reason why you may also consider doing the same.
  4. To pay for education – If you wish to send your kids to the best university in a foreign country, apply for a personal loan to pay for the costs. Education loans are often more complicated to get and the process is a long and time-consuming one as well. If you need funds urgently to pay for the admission fee or to secure the admission, you can use a personal loan. You can also use a personal loan to pay the difference between the education loan amount and the amount needed by the university. This is another very valid reason why many people avail personal loans.
  5. Down Payment for the house – Buying a house is a massive dream and aspiration that most people have in life. However, this dream is often achievable with the help of home loans. Home loans also have limits and the borrower is asked to pay a downpayment, which is a part of the house cost and the remaining is paid by the lender. Unfortunately, many people cannot arrange for this amount as it is large and beyond their immediate means. At such times, a personal loan comes in handy. You can avail Navi loan if you need funds to make a down payment of your house and make your most desirable dream of becoming a proud homeowner come true.

The final word

It is very useful to get a personal loan when there is an urgent requirement. However, you should be careful and take the loan from a reliable lender who offers it at the best rate and with the most favourable clauses. Choose a good lender like Navi and you will surely end up with a great loan at a great rate.


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