What All To Keep in Mind While Making Prepayment of Your 2 Lakh Loan

What All To Keep in Mind While Making Prepayment of Your 2 Lakh Loan


If you don’t have any security or collateral and you need money quickly, personal loans are a great option for credit. When choosing which Personal Loan application to submit online, it’s important to take into account a number of factors, such as the interest rate, loan length, repayment schedule, associated costs, and other factors.

And when you are repaying the 2 lakh loan, factor in all this before deciding to prepay it:

Before deciding to repay your personal loan early, take into account these important factors:

Fees associated with early payment: Prepayment penalties are often imposed by banks and other lending institutions on borrowers who choose to settle their outstanding loan balance in full or in part. Some lenders charge different fees, and some don’t charge anything at all. As a result, borrowers should confirm that the prepayment penalties associated with their personal loan are reasonable, particularly if they don’t outweigh the potential interest savings from choosing to pay off the debt early.

Interest avoided in full: The idea that paying off your personal loan for low cibil early will only save you money on interest up front, not over the long term, is one major myth that needs to be dispelled. Actually, interest savings continue into subsequent phases. Since repayment has reduced the loan balance, you will undoubtedly pay less interest on that amount than you otherwise would have. When calculating the outstanding balance of a personal loan using the reducing balance method, the borrower pays the same interest rate. Consequently, when assessing prepayment, one should take the current interest rate into account rather than the 2 lakh loan‘s duration.Furthermore, because personal loans have short to medium terms—ranging from one to five years—total interest cost savings is a compelling case for early repayment. Proceed only if the substantial savings greatly exceed the associated costs.

Effect on the Emergencies Fund: Your emergency savings will determine whether or not you should pay off your personal loan early. Emergency funds are meant to help you when things go wrong and you don’t have access to money right away, like when you get a serious illness or lose your job. Regarding the upfront payment, there’s no need to be concerned in this instance. Consequently, it is not advised to use emergency funds to pay off debt. As the loan closure or prepayment date draws near, make sure you have a sizable emergency fund that is off limits. This is especially important if you decide to pay early repayment penalties and apply for a personal loan for low cibil online.

Returns on current investments: Your decision to settle your personal loan early may also be influenced by the returns on your current investments. Examine the returns on all of your current investments, including insurance, bonds, mutual funds, fixed deposits, and so forth. If your investments are linked to a specific objective or plan and aren’t being utilised or redeemed for prepayment, you should put off repaying your 2 lakh loan.

The opportunity cost of not making an investment The amount of money spent on selecting one course of action over another is known as the opportunity cost. The returns on investment you would have received if you had made no investments and paid off your loan early are essentially the opportunity cost of not investing. As a result, you should only think about paying off your personal loan early if the interest savings exceed the possible losses from selling your mutual fund, real estate, insurance, or other investments.

Make a decision by weighing the advantages and disadvantages of repaying your personal loan using your newly acquired knowledge.

Benefits: Reduces the total amount of interest owed on the loan.

Those who apply for online personal loan for low cibil frequently decide to repay their loans early in order to avoid paying exorbitant interest rates. There is a widespread misperception, though, that interest costs can only be avoided in the initial years of a loan and not beyond. In reality, interest savings are carried over to succeeding years. Our online personal loan prepayment calculator makes it simple to calculate the interest savings from an early repayment. If you believe there is a good chance you will save a significant amount of money after deducting any applicable prepayment penalties, please select this option.

Decreases the EMI ratio according to income.

Applicants for loans with an EMI to gross monthly income (GMI) or net monthly income (NMI) ratio of between 50 and 60 percent are given preference by lenders. This has to do with the interest paid on both recent and previous loans. Therefore, current personal loan borrowers can improve their chances of being approved for a loan by making personal loan prepayments, which will lower their EMI/NMI or GMI ratio, if they intend to take out another loan, such as a home loan or car loan, and exceed the limit of their EMI/NMI or GMI ratio.

Decreases the share of unsecured loans in the overall mix of credit.

One element that the credit bureaus take into account when determining a person’s credit score is credit mix, or the proportion of secured and unsecured loans. Because these borrowers have a higher percentage of secured loans in their credit mix and because credit bureaus tend to give these borrowers high scores, lenders prefer to lend to borrowers with secured loans, such as home loans, auto loans, and loans secured by real estate. Since personal loans are unsecured, a higher proportion of them in your credit mix could result in a decline in your credit score. If you paid off your unsecured loans early, you would have a higher percentage of secured loans in your portfolio, which would increase your credit score even further.

Cons: There could be fines for early payments.

Only personal loans with fixed interest rates are subject to repayment penalties; loans with variable interest rates are not. Repayment penalties for personal loans with fixed interest rates can amount to up to 5% of the entire amount owed, depending on the lender.

It is important to remember that the majority of fixed rate loan providers either prohibit partial 2 lakh loan  prepayment or only permit it following the borrower’s completion of all required interest payments for the term of the loan for low cibil. It is imperative to possess this knowledge prior to submitting a personal loan application.


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