Benefits Of Engine Protection Cover In Car Insurance Policy

Benefits Of Engine Protection Cover In Car Insurance Policy


If the engine is terrible, nothing works. Maintaining your car’s engine year-round is crucial. Your car’s engine eventually breaks down if it is not taken care of. If you live in a wet area during monsoon, your car’s engine can be damaged. Thus, car insurance policy must include engine protection. Read about engine protection cover perks.

Engine protection add-on cover importance –

Engine repair or replacement can be costly. The engine protection add-on cover on your car insurance policy covers engine losses and damage. You can verify the same during purchase or car insurance renewal.

If your region is flooded during the rainy season due to poor drainage, local rainwater may damage your car’s engine. In such a case, your vehicle insurance policy’s engine protection add-on cover may cover engine damage. The engine protection covers water ingression, lubricant oil leakage, hydrostatic lock damage, and engine parts, including the gearbox, crankshaft, cylinder, connecting rods, pistons, and others, and hydrostatic lock damage.

5 car engine protection add-on cover benefits

1. Finances:

Basic car insurance coverage won’t cover engine damage. Your insurer can cover the engine or part repairs if you buy an engine protection add-on plan.

2. Buys the costliest car part:

Car engines cost the most. Thus, replacing or repairing the engine or its parts is expensive. An engine protection cover eliminates the cost of engine repair or replacement.

3. Extend car life:

The engine is the car’s spirit, so it must be well-maintained to last. Your vehicle may malfunction if you don’t fix the machine. An engine protection cover may pay for engine repairs, keeping your automobile running smoothly for years.

4. Helps new car buyers:

Water damage to a new car’s engine can be costly. Further, car engine repairs are expensive. If your car insurance policy includes engine protection, the cost can be covered regardless of price.

5. For car owners living in flood-prone zone:

Water damage to automotive engines is typical in low-lying, flood-prone places. Engine protection covers water-logged engine repairs.

Engine protection cover:

Here is what is covered in the engine protection in car insurance?

1. Damage to insured car’s engine –

It covers repairing or replacing the insured car’s engine or parts, such as the crankshaft, connecting rods, etc.

2. Damage to gearbox –

It ensures coverage for the cost of repairing or replacing the gearbox of the insured car.

3. Water ingression –

It covers any loss or damage caused to the insured car’s engine in case water has entered it, especially during the monsoon season.

4. Leakage of lubricant oil –

It provides coverage for the repair costs arising from the leakage of lubricant oil from the car’s engine.

5. Damage to hydrostatic lock –

It covers loss/damage caused due to the hydrostatic lock of the car in case an attempt to start the car was made while the engine was still wet.

6. Damage to the undercarriage –

It assures financial protection for damages caused to the undercarriage.

7. Cost of consumables –

It covers the expenses collected from the consumables that were used in the car while the engine repair work was ongoing. Such consumables may include lubricant oil, nuts & bolts, coolants, etc.

8. Labour cost –

It provides coverage for the labour costs incurred to carry out the repair or replacement work on the insured car’s engine or its part.

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