Cold Throw Scent Candles to Cover the Unwelcome Bathroom Odors

Cold Throw Scent Candles to Cover the Unwelcome Bathroom Odors


If your bathroom is snowed under with lingering odors then it is time to freshen the space with a welcoming odor. Regular cleaning and airflow increase are good ways to neutralize the odor. However, when guests arrive you want to display a clean washroom. Even the odors from their poop lingering can be an embarrassment. You wish to cover the smell of toilet use. Scent candles are a great way of removing unpleasant bathroom odor.

On Aussie Candle Supplies, you can buy premium quality lab-certified candles, body fragrances, and essential oils. Removing of bathroom odors is possible using candles with scents. Choose candle scents like Honeysuckle Jasmine, Celestial Ginger, or sea salt & Amber. All these fragrances are capable to cover organic toilet smells.

Choosing a scented candle for masking the nasty urinal smell seems easy in theory but practically it is different. Remember, some are better suited for properly defending against toilet stinks. Select a candle with ‘Cold Scent Throw’. Wondering what a ‘Cold Scent Throw’ is?

The ‘throw’ defines the distance a candle is capable to cover the bad odor. ‘Cold throw’ describes how well the candle can disperse scent without lighting. It is a thing that will defend against bathroom stinks.

Benefits of cold scent throw candles

  • Maintains stable scent – The main benefit to choose cold scent throw candles for your bathroom is it keeps the environment fragrant consistently with ‘base scent’. It even means, your washroom smells great all the time.
  • No need for lighting the candle always – A good cold throw candle is capable to disperse sufficient scent even if it is not lit. You may even not need to light the scented candle at all or only need it in an emergency scenario like guest or in-law visits.
  • Candle lasts long – Obviously, if the candle can keep the bathroom even without lighting, it will last long. You will save from replacing it sooner. Besides, a long-lasting candle placed in the bathroom is good as you will not find yourself in tough situations with no candle, especially during sudden guest arrival.
  • Guests will be impressed – If the guest walks inside a bathroom without a lit candle, they think that your bathroom smells great. It is a good impression associated with hygiene and cleanliness.

If your bathroom is small then heavy scents can be overpowering and trigger a migraine. Therefore, adopt a slogan – ‘Less is more’ and keep fragrance light in tight bathroom spaces.

How to safely place candles in the bathroom?

Scented candles create a great ambiance for bathroom users but it needs proper placement around the bathroom for safety reasons. Candles have an open flame, so you can enjoy them better if there is no concern about their placement.

  • Never place candles on a thin ledge or places where they can get knocked over with ease. The bathroom holds ceramic surfaces as well as tissue paper and towels that can catch fire with ease.
  • Keep windows open [if possible] for proper ventilation.
  • Never place the candle on the window ledge unless it has sufficient space to accommodate the entire candle base.
  • The best rule is to place the candle on the counter [has heat-resistant material] but remove toilet paper or tissue away.
  • Choose just a single or two candles to burn at once, but a single high-quality strong scented candle is sufficient.

Stay on top of bathroom odors with cold throw scented candles!


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