Best Credit Cards Offered by RBL Bank

Best Credit Cards Offered by RBL Bank


An Overview – RBL Bank Credit Cards

RBL Bank is one of the fastest-growing commercial banks in the country, with plans to expand even further. RBL Bank offers a wide selection of credit cards to meet the demands of its customers. Take advantage of credit cards that are tailored to their clients’ individual wants and expectations. The credit cards have an annual fee of Rs. 0 and financing charges of up to 3.99 percent.

Top RBL Bank Credit Cards

Type of card Joining Fee
RBL Bank Platinum Delight Card Nil
RBL Bank World Plus Supercard Nil
RBL Bank Platinum Maxima Card Nil
RBL Bank Fun+ Credit Card Nil
RBL Bank Platinum Plus Supercard Nil
RBL Bank Titanium Delight Card Nil
RBL Bank World Prime Supercard Nil

Features and Benefits of RBL Bank Credit Card

  • Enhanced Security

RBL Bank offers credit cards with an EMV Microchip integrated in them, which improves protection against fraud and duplication.

  • Alerts

With SMS and email alerts received on a regular basis, stay on top of all your transactions, missed payment dates, bill payment receipts, monthly card statements, and more.

  • Credit Limits

RBL Bank’s credit cards have a unique feature that allows you to set spending limitations on your credit card.

  • Banking over the internet

You can access your credit card account online at any time and from any location.

  • Add-on Cards

RBL provides additional cards for your family members. For your spouse, parents, and children, you can get up to 5 cards.

Types of RBL Bank Credit Cards

  • RBL Bank World Plus Supercard

  1. With the RBL Bank World Plus Supercard, you may get 10% cashback on groceries, Swiggy, BookMyShow, and bill payments.
  2. On online purchases, you’ll get a 2x bonus.
  3. Monthly fees are waived if you spend more than Rs.3,000 in a month.
  4. A monthly fee of Rs.50 is charged.
  • RBL Bank Platinum Plus Supercard

  1. With the RBL Bank Platinum Plus Supercard, you get two complimentary lounge visits every quarter in domestic airports.
  2. Concierge services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  3. On eating and foreign purchases during the weekend, you’ll earn 20 reward points.
  • RBL Bank World Prime SuperCard

  1. The card limit can be changed to a personal loan with no interest for three months with RBL Bank World Prime SuperCard.
  2. As a welcome gift, you will receive a Rs.1,000 gift voucher.
  3. Spending money online earns you double the points.
  4. BookMyShow is offering a 1+1 bargain on movie tickets.

RBL Bank Credit Card Charges

Various Fees Amount
Monetary charges Around 3.99% on monthly basis
Card charges Nil
Duplication charges Nil
Card Replacement Nil
Overdue threshold 15% of the sum due
Overlimit threshold Rs.600
Advance charges 2.5% of the sum withdrawn
Cash Payment at branches Rs.250
Overseas Transaction 3.50% of the transaction amount.
Fuel Fee 1% of the fuel transaction or Rs.10
Cancellation of Train Tickets As per IRCTC website

Wrapping Up

You can get a personal loan against your cash limit with the RBL Bank SuperCard, which is accessible at Finserv MARKETS. You can also pay this off in a series of simple EMIs! Purchases bought with the RBL Bank SuperCard, which can be found at Finserv MARKETS, can simply be converted to EMIs. Apply for a credit card online now.


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