Emile Haddad Seattle Sheds Light on the Local Architecture of the City

Emile Haddad Seattle Sheds Light on the Local Architecture of the City


Architecture is regarded to be an integral element of every society. The architectural trends and designs prevalent in society play a major influence on how people live or reside there. These elements are regarded to have an extremely profound effect on the functionality and aesthetics of the diverse living spaces of people. Emile Haddad Seattle additionally mentions that architecture, in fact, is known to be a great reflection of civilization at any point in time, which highlights how the people of a society tend to lead their lives, as well as their distinguished desires and tastes. Emile Haddad is a professional who has more than a decade of experience in the domain of architecture and design.

Emile Haddad Seattle marks the diverse local architecture styles of the city

Architecture designs and trends prevalent in diverse parts of the planet have evolved considerably over the years, especially in case of the major cities of the world like Seattle in Washington. This is one of the most prominent cities coming under the great state of Washington, U.S. Emile Haddad Seattle says that the architecture styles witnessed in this city have changed and evolved quite an extent over the decades. From the 1890’s Victorian Queen Anne style architecture to the contemporary compact apartments of today, great changes have been seen in the design and style of the houses of Seattle. Here is more on how the houses here have evolved over the years:

  • In the 1900s, the typical Seattle Box Four Square houses came into being. This is regarded to be one of the most prominent classical Seattle styles of a residence and involves houses having a distinct boxy design. These boxy houses have a certain type of hip roofs along with small dormers. Such roofs can be identified with ease due to the lack of angles featured in it. Moreover, in the case of these roofs, their roofline meets the siding. The Box Four Square homes are also known to have certain extended bay windows that include seats and expansive covered porches with blockier columns.
  • Emile Haddad Seattle mentions that the 1950s gave a boost to the distinct mid-century houses. These buildings have vaulted ceilings and grand walls of windows that provide them with a sophisticated and elegant appearance. The attractive angular design, indoor-outdoor spaces, and carports of such houses provide it with a classical and vintage appeal. A great number of these mid-century houses were popular for being characterized by floor-to-ceiling windows and shallow slopes featured on the roofline.
  • After the year 2000, many of the houses developed in the Seattle area of Washington started to incorporate various advanced and high-end methods and techniques in their architectural design and style. Even though several of these houses did retain the ambiance of traditional residential units, they have been designed in a manner that complements diverse contemporary facilities.

Emile Haddad Seattle says that the evolution of the architectural trends prevalent in the city over the years provides a good insight on the evolving tastes of the generations residing there.


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