Michael Saltzstein – 3 Risk Management Tips to Gain Competitive Edge in The Market

Michael Saltzstein – 3 Risk Management Tips to Gain Competitive Edge in The Market


Business progress and development is not an easy task for big and small business owners. There are several risks involved, and companies need to be flexible to face changes with the perfect risk management program in place. When it comes to risk management, the strategy should be customized as per the needs of the company, and it should be drafted with the consultation of a good professional with experience and skills in the field of risk management. 

Michael Saltzstein – An inspiring leader in the field of risk management 

Michael Saltzstein is an esteemed businessman and an effective leader in the field of risk management in the USA. He has been instrumental in delivering bottom-line improvement projects as well as multi-million-dollar cost deductions for his clients. He is known for his sincere endeavors when it comes to the optimization of risk management programs, best business practices, and economic strategies for his clients. The following are three tips for a company to grab a competitive edge in the market-

  1. Delegation of responsibilities

Mike Saltzstein says that delegation of responsibilities plays a vital role in making risk management successful for a company. He says that the risk management strategies and programs should influence both the business and its culture. This helps the business to be prepared as all its members are associated with the measures that need to be embraced for achieving success in the company.

  1. The creation of a risk management team for the business

Along with a risk management strategy, every business should also have a team for risk management. This team, under the supervision of a manager, is able to evaluate the vulnerable areas of a business and establish strategies to stop risks from occurring. This team creates reports, and they manage incidents and crisis that crop up in the business. In this way, the organization is able to optimize the costs of the risks that the company faces.

  1. Communication plays a vital role in risk management

Business owners should never ignore the importance of communication in the field of risk management. In fact, all the employees of the company should be aware of the steps that have been put in place to avoid risk management. The risk management team plays an integral part here as they are the ones that relay information about potential threats to employees and senior management. The company should, in addition to a risk management team, also should allot funds for business intelligence as well. This helps them cope with the demands of digital transformation and maintain high levels of competitiveness in the market niche. 

Besides being an experienced and credible specialist in risk management, Michael Saltzstein had been selected as the national, the international referee and the technical officer for the Beijing Olympic Games held in 2008 for pool and open swimming tournaments. He says that swimming is a very good exercise and should be embraced by everyone. He says that one should learn how to swim under the guidance of a professional coach. Both professional and amateur swimmers should know the right techniques when it comes to swimming in the water.


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