Getting to Know Your Investment Manager

Getting to Know Your Investment Manager


Many people today are giving almost all of their assets to investment but they don’t entirely know who is behind the work. They just put on what money they have and keep updated on the investment rise. It would be beneficial for investors to know the areas of what and who they are entrusting their finances to. This could save a lot of trouble in the end especially those that are connected with new established investment companies.

Understanding investment, its process, and who the people are behind the works are essential. This would help you make good decisions and be well-informed of the work. Here are some facts you need to know about your investment manager.

The role of an investment manager.

An investment manager is a professional worker in the investment industry that creates and prepares portfolios of securities for his or her clients. Their work is based on the policies and rules that the client and investment manager established. The manager activities such as buying and selling securities, portfolio making and securing portfolios, performance measurement, and regular client reporting.

Types of investment managers:

  • Financial planners work in making a holistic financial plan for clients.
  • Financial advisor is also known as a stockbroker.
  • Portfolio manager directly invest clients’ capital and make investment returns.

An investment manager ranges from a one person only work to a large investment firm. A good example of this is investment managers Australia.

Ways to know if you got the right investment manager:           

Every investor must know what kind of investment manager he or she needs. For first timers, you don’t have to hire an investment manager but a certified financial planner instead. This could literally save time and money because a CFP can take you a lot of retirement planning.

If you’re someone who has extras on your savings, you can hire a portfolio manager. So, you need to do a lot of digging when it comes to choosing the right investment manager.

  • Know if the investment manager had previous complains, issues or legal issues that you need to know about. Should the manager did have one, you might want to skip it to avoid any problems.
  • Look at the credentials and experience. A good investment manager has been in the industry for a longer time and has a good record.
  • Make sure that the investment manager is easy to communicate. A good relationship with the manager is a plus as well. Ask them of various contact information you can use.
  • Compare fees of different investment manager.
  • Know their performance in various market place. This will let you know whether the manager can keep up with the industry and if he or she can take care of your investment on different market areas.


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