Services of restoration companies

Services of restoration companies


Fire, storm, flood and other harmful disasters can occur anywhere and anytime as a result of natural events or accidents. These disasters affect not only properties of people but also create chaos and tension in their lives. These tragedies leave your property in wreck and you in a mess of cleanup and repairs.

It is not possible or advisable to leave fire damage lingering without cleanup and restoration for some time, may cause more damage to the structure and make repairs more difficult. You should call for fire and water restoration companies for immediate action, to ensure the recovery of your property. As time passes, the smoke odor and acidic soot produced after fire, reaches every nook and corner of your house and objects. Dry chemical fire extinguishers and water add to the fire damage.

All fire incidents may not be same size but the restoration companies will perform a chain of functions to restore the damaged building to its pre damaged condition.


When the fire and water restoration technicians arrive the affected area, evaluate the extent of damage. Inspection and checkup of affected area is done to analyze the damage and make restoration plan to tackle the situation.

Board up and roof tarp service

Windows, doors and roofs damaged due to fire, make holes. These holes can invite burglars, animals and rain, may add further damage. Next step is to board up windows and doors and tarps on the ceilings to protect your house.

Water removal and cleanup

The process of water removal starts immediately with the help of water extraction technology, like submersible pump. Professionals use moisture detectors to locate water. They use air fans and humidifiers to dry the area completely. Sanitizers are used to sanitize the area from bacteria and pathogens.

Smoke and soot removal

Smoke and soot removal are the most essential part of restoration process. The soot residue, discoloration of walls, ceilings and appliances, acid stains and rust formed due to acid must be cleaned up immediately after fire.

The specialists use advanced technologies and cleaning agents to clean soot particles and acid residues from the surface and objects. Sanitizers are used to make the home livable again. Carpet cleaning is also included in their services, to dislodge smoke and soot from the fabric.

Odor removal

Odor removal is done by industrial air scrubbers and fogging machines. The professionals use deodorizers and advance technology, hydroxyl machine for complete odor removal, otherwise it causes irritation and discomfort in homes.


They clean and restore all restorable items damaged by fire and water. They use a variety of cleaning agents to treat different materials and objects as required due to their conditions.


The final step is the restoration and rebuilding of fire damaged area, getting your property to normal condition. Restoration may include minor repairs or replacement of floorings, drywall, doors, windows and paint on walls. Major rebuilding is also done depend on the severity of damaged area.

The Fire& Water Damage Pros is professional restoration company to provide emergency services at your call. We have a team trained and skilled to make the repair and restoration of your property successful. We also work with your insurance company on all stages.


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