Important Points About a Civil Lawyer

Important Points About a Civil Lawyer


A civil lawyer is someone who handles cases that deal with non-criminal matters. These include issues like contracts, property disputes, family law and personal injury. It is important to have a good civil lawyer in Atlanta for various reasons. Go here.

Ichter Davis Attorneys at Law helps businesses in Atlanta with contract disputes and corporate litigation. Their team also litigates cases involving employee retaliation, employment discrimination and intellectual property.

Contract Disputes

Contract disputes occur when one party breaks the terms and conditions outlined in the contract. They can be for goods, services, employment, or any other type of agreement. Contract disputes may occur because of misunderstandings, lack of consideration, or breach of warranty.

A lawyer can help you resolve your dispute with the other party. They will try to negotiate and come up with a fair deal. If that doesn’t work, they can file a lawsuit on your behalf.

A civil litigation attorney can also help with a variety of other cases, including wills and estates, construction law, family issues, real estate issues, and more. They have experience arguing cases in court and will fight to protect your rights.

Eminent Domain

Eminent domain is the power of local, state and federal governments (as well as private utility companies) to acquire land or property for public use. This power is typically used for roads, public buildings (such as city halls or schools), and a variety of other projects that are deemed beneficial to the community.

A qualified eminent domain attorney can help a property owner fight for their rights as a property owner. This includes ensuring that they are given just and adequate compensation for their land. This can include monetary compensation for the property itself as well as other non-monetary benefits such as improved access to the property, business damages, severance damages and relocation costs.

A property owner should hire an eminent domain lawyer as soon as they think they may be subject to condemnation. It is much easier to fight a government takeover of a property before the process starts, so hiring a civil lawyer atlanta early on can be beneficial.

Personal Injury

The law allows victims of personal injury to seek cash damages for their medical bills, property damage, lost wages and pain and suffering. A proficient Atlanta personal injury lawyer can build a strong case on your behalf.

A skilled Atlanta injury attorney will examine all of the facts and circumstances surrounding your case, such as witness testimony and pieces of evidence. They will also question medical experts to determine what actually happened and if there was any negligence on the part of any parties.

Georgia laws permit you to file a lawsuit within a certain period of time following your accident/injury. You must consult a qualified Atlanta injury attorney promptly to ensure your claim is filed in time. A good Atlanta injury lawyer will have experience identifying and investigating harmful products, holding businesses responsible for their failure to warn customers about possible risks and then trying or settling the claim for the maximum amount allowed by law.

Criminal Defense

Felony and misdemeanor criminal charges are no light matter, as they carry the possibility of significant prison time and impact your personal reputation. Moreover, you may lose future job opportunities or family connections if convicted of a crime. Therefore, you must seek out a criminal attorney who is ready to defend you against the prosecution and fight for your rights.

Your lawyer will work to disprove the evidence and question witnesses in an effort to erode the prosecutor’s case. They will also fight to make sure your rights are not violated, such as by limiting search warrants or refusing to divulge confidential information.

Joseph Conoscienti and J Blake Ledbetter, attorneys at the law firm of Chehimi Law, LLC, have over 43 years of combined legal experience in Atlanta’s courts. They have extensive knowledge of all aspects of civil and criminal litigation in the state of Georgia. Their practice includes a wide range of civil rights cases, such as wrongful death lawsuits.


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