Mark Roemer Oakland Explains Why Corporate Training Is a Must

Mark Roemer Oakland Explains Why Corporate Training Is a Must


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, corporate training is essential for businesses that want to strive in the modern economy. Corporate training can be conducted by a company internally to reduce expenses or externally to achieve more effective results or due to the unavailability of in-house trainers.

The Reasons

Here are a few reasons why corporate training is a must:

  1. It allows executives to offer better talent management training – One of the biggest benefits of corporate training is that it allows executives to spot and manage talented employees better. When employees receive good talent management training, it increases employee satisfaction and decreases employee turnover.

The talent management training could involve both technical as well as non-technical skills training. When royal employees undergo skills training to improve their skillset, it not only benefits the organization but also inspires the employees since they can add more value to the organization.

  1. It encourages the sharing of knowledge – Experienced employees oversee the corporate training of an organization due to their vast expertise and knowledge. They can share the real-world knowledge they have accumulated over the years working for the organization with new employees which builds loyalty among them and promotes growth.

It also allows them to get a deeper insight into the internal and external business operations and craft a suitable training strategy that can provide managers a clear understanding of how to distribute the workload and manage employees.

  1. It builds loyalty -Corporate training allows senior executives to work with fresh employees in a synergistic manner that creates a unified growth environment and enhances team-building strategies. Employees remain motivated since they learn new skills and receive proper professional training from experts and senior executives achieve self-actualization since they get to share their knowledge, skills, and expertise with fellow members of the organization.

This also results in many secondary benefits such as improved employed motivation, attrition control, and helps to create cohesive and collaborative teams.

  1. It improves the brand value – A company that is supported by self-driven employees with the proper professional training and guidance would always perform at their best and product stellar results. This allows the company to achieve better production and delivery, deliver better customer support, and generate more sales and revenues.

Ultimately, it allows everybody involved including the customers, the stakeholders, and the shareholders to remain satisfied. Customers support the brand due to its excellent product and service offering while employees value the brand due to its continuous support.

  1. It helps to save tax – Corporate training can allow companies to achieve savings on taxes since they can claim the costs incurred due to corporate training as expenses. Since the taxable income reduces, it also directly reduces the income as well as service tax.


Mark Roemer Oakland believes that corporate training can also allow organizations to reduce or avoid compliance-related or ethics issues. For instance, compliance, senior employees, and the HR team have to ensure that corporate training is followed as expected and no policies are violated.


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