The Different Types of People Who Buy Annuities and Why

The Different Types of People Who Buy Annuities and Why


Annuities can help you achieve long-term financial security through the income they generate from the principal amount you invest when purchasing one. However, not everyone who buys annuities does so for the same reasons, or even needs them for the same reasons. That’s why some people purchase annuities,. Today, annuities come in several forms, and they can be helpful to anyone who needs a guaranteed lifetime income to support themselves or their loved ones. It’s therefore essential to become familiar with the different types of people who buy annuities and why so you know how to choose one that fits your needs and goals perfectly.

1. Corporations and Partnerships

For larger institutions, including corporations and partnerships, annuities come as a tax-sheltered forms of investment that grow with their company. The annual income from these annuities is typically part of total compensation for IRS reporting purposes. It may be more financially advantageous for some people in higher tax brackets to own an annuity rather than invest in stocks, bonds, or mutual funds that don’t offer any reduction or deferral in capital gains taxes.

Most companies that buy annuities do so through life insurance companies, who purchase them directly from investors. However, some public retirement plans also buy annuities for their employees through third parties.

2. Young Retirees

Young retirees are people who have retired early or plan to pursue their true passions well before retirement age. This type of buyer sees annuities as a means to make ends meet for several years until they can move on to other projects. These buyers usually go for shorter-term annuities that allow them time for flexibility with cash flow. These types of annuities tend to be less expensive than longer-term options.

Examples include lump-sum payments over five years or a variable annuity that pays monthly income over 15 years. While there is an initial cost to buy into these plans, young retirees generally see it as an investment rather than spending money, because it allows them to pursue their dreams without sacrificing security. However, it’s vital as a young retiree to find plans that will suit your needs and align with your goals.

3. Baby Boomers Seeking Safety

Baby boomers are reaching retirement age, many with a nest egg that is well to face depletion. The recession has forced many in this group to buy annuities because they not only need extra money, but they also need it to be safe. As individuals age and begin drawing on Social Security benefits or other fixed-income sources, they may want to supplement those payments by purchasing an immediate or deferred annuity.

For example, someone who purchased an immediate annuity would receive regular payments until their death. In contrast, someone who bought a deferred annuity would have their funds grow tax-deferred until they decided to start receiving regular payments. In either case, these retirees can ensure their principle remains intact. You can contact We Pay More Funding to help you get more money faster.

4. The Insecure Investor

Many people who buy annuities are looking for an easy, guaranteed source of income. If you’re not 100% confident in saving money and investing safely, purchasing an annuity may be the best option. With an annuity, you know exactly how much money will come out each month. There is no chance that you will lose all of your savings through risky investments or someone else’s mismanagement.

If you want to pass on wealth to future generations without worrying about taxes or estate planning issues, investing in a qualified immediate annuity can help protect against financial troubles down the road. You can contact a reliable company that buys annuities today to learn more about these benefits and determine whether an annuity is right for you.

5. The High Net Worth Client

A high net worth individual may want protection from taxes, and another may want to ensure their spouse is taken care of after death. Some might have a charitable interest, while others wish for a tax-free income stream. Whatever your reasons for buying an annuity, you’re not alone. Most people who buy annuities fall into one of these three categories:

  • Charitable donors
  • High net worth clients
  • Tax-averse individuals

Whatever the case, buying annuities can help you achieve your goals. For example, if you are looking for a tax-advantaged retirement vehicle or want extra security if something happens to you or your spouse, an annuity could be right for you. In addition, if you would like to support a charity that means something special to you but don’t know how to contribute without losing out on valuable retirement savings opportunities, an annuity could also be right for you. However, it’s crucial to seek assistance from a reliable company that buys out annuities.


You can buy annuities for a variety of reasons. Many people buy annuities, such as retirees who want to ensure they have enough money to live on in their golden years, or those who don’t want to leave an inheritance but still wish to provide for loved ones. The main point is there are several different types of annuity buyers, so if you’re considering buying one, it’s a good idea to find out which type you are. Several factors can help decide whether an annuity is a good option, including age and expected lifespan, income needs, how much you’ve invested in other vehicles (like mutual funds or IRAs), tax rate, and investment experience. Therefore, it’s crucial to contact a company that buys annuities for professional assistance.


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