CBD Business Thrives After Partnering with First Card Payments

CBD Business Thrives After Partnering with First Card Payments


The growth of the CBD industry has been unprecedented, even if it has been controversial due to legal restrictions on the use of cannabis or hemp plants.

But the growing demand for CBD products, especially for the treatment of chronic pain and seizures, has continued to inspire CBD business owners like me to keep pushing the boundaries. That mission didn’t come without any struggles, though.

In fact, because of the legal status of CBD in the country, CBD businesses are tagged as high-risk merchants. As a result, it’s harder for us to get approved for a payment processing account that will allow us to process credit and debit card payments more efficiently for our customers.

We’ve been rejected by traditional banks and have tried paying very expensive fees just so we could get a merchant account. Luckily, we found First Card Payments and we haven’t looked back ever since. 

The benefits of using First Card Payments

As a CBD business owner, I always strive to offer the best service to our customers, especially those who use our products as part of their medical treatment. But without a proper payment processing partner, it was hard for us to be efficient as a company, and paying for those high merchant fees also left us almost without any profit. Thankfully, our CBD merchant account from First Card Payments provides everything we need to better serve our customers.

  • We didn’t pay any setup or application fees. We expected to pay for this, but First Card Payments surprised us, which was a huge relief knowing that we could’ve spent a lot just to get a merchant account.
  • We were approved pretty fast. When you’re tagged as a high-risk merchant, you assume more failures than successes in applying for a merchant account. But First Card Payments didn’t fail us. We just needed to process our application and send our requirements. In only a few days, we got our own merchant account and our business has improved ever since.
  • We didn’t incur high fees. One of the best things about working with First Card Payments is that the company doesn’t charge you very high merchant fees as opposed to other companies. In fact, the experts at First Card Payments can help you reduce merchant fees by up to 25%, which is a strong indication of its commitment to helping its customers.

We know that the road toward the legalization of cannabis is long, not to mention the stigma surrounding anything related to marijuana. But we are confident that with partners like First Card Payments, we can operate efficiently and offer our customers the best service that we can with the best products that we have.

Finding a reliable payment processing partner is not easy for any high-risk merchant, but First Card Payments has made it possible for high-risk industries like us to be given more opportunities in terms of making our business as good and as trustworthy as your “ordinary” businesses.


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