Discover Dubai’s Free Zone Companies

Discover Dubai’s Free Zone Companies


A free zone is a section of the city in Dubai that allows businesses to trade without being taxed. As you can imagine, these areas are incredibly useful for entrepreneurs in the country as it helps streamline your costs and all but removes most custom procedures. However, you won’t get very far with a free zone if you pick the wrong one.

Free zones only work if a company can manage a specific area. There are loads of companies in Dubai, each one with its own free zone jurisdictions. So, which free zone company should you be using?


Although the International Free Zone Authority is somewhat new, it has quickly become a popular choice among those seeking a free zone in Dubai. The main reason why this company is doing so well is that it does not require customers to hold an office space to trade within the area. In an age where remote working is becoming key, you can see why this factor is so beneficial to businesses in the country.

IFZA is located in the middle of Dubai City, and as such it receives a lot of trade from across the UAE. This is mainly because the company has quickly become one of the cheapest free zones in Dubai.This accessibility is also why it may be a prudent choice of free zone for your business.


Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority is one of the oldest free zone companies in Dubai, which is why it holds such a large stake in the market. This port-based free zone is found in Jebel Ali Sea Port, which makes it perfect for importing and exporting goods.

There is more to JAFZA than you may think, however. This company also deals in trade licenses, mostly because it is the blueprint that almost every other free zone has followed. Therefore, it makes sense that this company would have some say in how other free zones operate in Dubai.

Fujairah Creative City

In a world where media is becoming king, it makes sense that a free zone dealing mostly in the trade of this subject would pop up. As its name would suggest, this free zone company is located in the Fujairah district of Dubai, and it is now the gold standard free zone for businesses that deal in marketing, education, consulting, and media. But that’s not all.

Fujairah does not request a lot of documentation from new businesses setting up in the area. This makes it easy for anyone to start trading in the region.

Sharjah Publishing

Another free zone company with a helpful name, Sharjah Publishing is a free zone company that deals in printing and publishing. Since these aspects are fundamental for running a business empire, it is necessary to check out this free zone at some point during your business setup. What’s more, this company also allows companies holding its license to perform five functions without having to upgrade or apply for more license agreements.


With free zones becoming the norm, expect to see more of them pop up in Dubai soon. However, you cannot go far wrong with the companies mentioned in this list.


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