How Do I Choose the Best Structured Settlement Buyer?

How Do I Choose the Best Structured Settlement Buyer?


Do you want to sell your structured settlement but don’t know how to do it? There are a few factors to consider when looking for a structured settlement buyer. Use the following tips to guide you in the process. 

1. Customer Service

Examine the customer service of the purchasing company. Rank the customer service level according to your research and how various company representatives have answered your questions. If you feel like you are being rushed and your questions are not answered, this indicates poor customer service.

2. Low Discount Rate

Not all buyers will offer you the same amount of money. The market has a lot of competition among companies, which is an advantage for savvy individuals. Ensure you are gaining as much of your settlement money as you can. Companies like We Pay More Funding offer great rates, so don’t shy away from jumping for the best offer.

3. Consider the Reputation

When choosing the best settlement buyer it’s good to check the company’s reviews on search engines like Google or any other business site. Companies, like We Pay More Funding, have earned top notch reviews from satisfied customers and have a good reputation. Firms with good reviews are good indication of what to expect when working with them on a deal.

4. Time Offered

The estimated average time to funding of many structured settlement companies should be one to two months. But this can be longer depending on the court proceedings and other determining aspects.

5. Legal help and Expertise

When choosing the best settlement purchaser, find out how long the buyer has been in business and gauge the expertise level of their staff. A sound structured settlement buyer should help you with the whole process and help you get court approval.

6. Know your Priorities and What Matters to You.

Remember you are choosing the right structured settlement buyer for you. What works for you and makes you happy may not be fit for somebody else. For example, if timelines, excellent service, and a good reputation are important then these are the things that will make you choose a particular company over the other.

7. Compare different companies

Don’t be satisfied with the first firm you come across, even if it seems like your perfect match. Consider several structured settlement companies and ask them the same questions. Based on the answers you receive, you can decide which you are most comfortable with. Seeking information from many buyers is an integral part of the process.

8. Operating License

Many individuals don’t consider this aspect; however, this tip is crucial. Before choosing a company, you should confirm that it is licensed and has the right certifications. This will assure you that your investments remain safe despite losses.


Some companies are termed to be deceiving and manipulating. Some have been accused of taking advantage of desperate clients. Therefore, only engage a reputed buyer after a thorough search. Moreover, seek reviews and referrals from previous customers and make an informed decision.


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