What are the types of housing loan interest rates

What are the types of housing loan interest rates


A home loan is a secured loan used to buy a home by pledging the property as security. Home loans provide high-value capital at low-interest rates and for long periods. EMIs are used to repay them.The proportion of the principal amount the lender charges to the borrower for using the principal amount is known as the home loan interest rate. The cost of your house loan is determined by the interest rate set by banks and non-financial organizations.

The EMI calculator for home loan levied influences how much you have to pay your lender against your loan every month when you pay your home loan EMI (equated monthly payment). Interest rates are generally tied to the repo rate. However, they might differ from one lender to the next. The title to the property is returned to the borrower after repayment.The base and markup rates make up the applicable interest rates on a home loan. On loan, you’ll be paying a combination of the two. Let’s take a closer look at these elements to understand better.

  • Base Rate: This is the bank’s standard lending rate, which applies to all retail loans. Based on several inputs, this rate fluctuates frequently.
  • Markup: The EIR (Effective interest rate) for a given form of house loan is calculated by adding a little percentage to the base rate, which varies from one type.

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has mandated a new mechanism for computing lending rates to replace the base rate scheme as of April 2016. The Marginal Cost of Funds-based Lending Rate (MCLR) aims to improve the transparency and flexibility of rates reported by Indian banks and financial institutions. After assessing the risk element connected with lending to borrowers, the RBI requires banks to fix the interest rate. It considers several criteria, including the repo rate, deposits, etc. This MCLR-based calculation yields a slightly lower rate than the previous base rate.

Types of Home Loan Interest Rates                                                                                                            

The majority of banks charge two different types of home loan interest rates.

  1. Fixed Interest Rate: This calculation method ensures that the rate remains constant throughout the loan term. Because the interest rate is fixed, there will be no change in the interest costs. Depending on the offer, you may be able to switch to a floating rate scheme once a set period has passed on your loan.
  2. Floating Interest Rate: The interest charges on your home loan are determined by the bank’s most recent lending rates. The rate is connected to the bank’s most recent stated rate, which is influenced by several factors, including the RBI’s monetary policy and lending rate changes, the bank’s reaction to the revision, etc.

What is an EMI calculator for a home loan?

Using a house loan EMI calculator for a home loan, you can figure out how much interest you’ll pay on your loan. You’ll need to fill in the fields on the calculator with the following information –

  • Loan Repayment Time
  • Amount of Home Loan
  • Interest Rate on Tenure

After entering your information, click the ‘Calculate’ button to see a complete breakdown of your loan, including the amount owed in interest.


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